These are just a few concept drawings as a "teaser" before the story begins. They now all redirect to the Prologue page where you can see them all.

To get to the Viking Raptor storyline, please start at Chapter One: Derpy Normals

Generico Ltd poster with cigarette butt stubbed out on it.

1: Derpy Normals

The beginning of our story. No Vikings. No raptors. More than one badger and lots of derpy normals.

Most people will want to start here.

Exploding from the junkdump.

2: Deus Ex Deinonychus

The story of how Barney's wrench gets bent.

Giant robots, norse theropods and rustled jimmies. Everyone's favourite.

Oh no! That little buy-o-bot has been crushed to pieces!

Specials and That

Merry Capitalist Hegemony, ya bastards?
Dec 19, 2013Xmas Special 2013